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Intelligent Video Surveillance

Rethink security and bring Ava’s cloud-native video surveillance solution with full analytics and operational insights to your existing cameras and systems


BIT Security have partnered with AVA to provide simple, open,  and scalable video security.

The solution.

Map view with Smart Presence™

Add maps of all your locations and facilities to gain enhanced situational awareness and insights. Each map can be configured and includes camera views, alarm views, as well as the ability to track and count people, vehicles, and other objects as they move on your premises.

Video view with Spotlight Powered by deep learning

Aware uses Spotlight to change video streams dynamically to bring only the relevant feeds to the operators’ attention. Real-time alerts and notifications pop up on the video wall to describe the incident, the time, and the place it occurred

Timeline with Smart Presence™

The rich playback timeline in Aware’s video view provides thumbnail-based browsing of video and highlights people, vehicles, and overall motion separately. Your operators gain a better, clearer understanding of different events captured by the camera.

Fast investigations with Smart Search™

Search by event, similarity, appearance, and image using machine learning to comb through countless hours of video throughout your entire deployment. Reduce forensic investigation time from days to minutes, and gain more efficiency and accuracy with the same number of operators

Occupancy counting

With occupancy counting, security operators and administrators can monitor large facilities to keep a rolling total of the current occupancy of people and vehicles of defined locations. Additionally, in view area counting can be used to monitor specific areas where people are congregating.

Anomaly detection real-time

Use rules-based templates to define scenarios where you want to be notified when specific events occur, such as loitering, line crossing, fire exit access, and more. Aware leverages advanced object identification to monitor and detect unusual events and behaviors and sends alerts and notifications in real-time.

Mobile app (Android, iOS)

With the Ava Aware Android and iOS apps, we offer users a set of features that mirrors the Aware web client, from seeing and managing alarms, viewing video live, or playback to manual recording. Users will experience a natural, smooth transition from web to mobile and vice-versa.

Smart Recording™ switches the resolution stream for all your camera recordings

It automatically records with maximum resolution when people and vehicles are present or interesting events occur, and changes to as low as 360p or no recording at all when the activity disappears to save storage space.

On-camera analytics

Ava’s cloud-managed Dome, Compact Dome, and 360 security cameras integrate intelligence via image recognition, machine learning, and directional acoustic sensors. Each camera also identifies specific sound patterns, like screaming, gunshots, breaking glass, or loud noises, to determine the type of sound and direction.

Secure sharing of recordings

Aware enables you to select clips of interest and then generate a link that you can send to relevant people, such as your HR department or law enforcement authorities for secure viewing. When they follow this link, they can view your selected video clip without needing access credentials. You can choose the access availability or allow the viewer to download.

Always on security

With automatic updates of the software from the cloud, end-to-end encrypted data and metadata, and secure remote access from anywhere in the world, it’s never been easier to prevent cybersecurity threats. We manage all your Ava products through the cloud, enabling a controlled, proactive process to keep your system always up-to-date.


Deploy Aware Cloud directly or use one of our highly performant Cloud Connectors to achieve a friction free transition to the cloud, gain local storage capacity, and power your third-party cameras with AI analytics and storage. Integrate Aware with your existing security cameras, access control systems, dashboards, monitoring systems, sensors, and APIs to get more value and visibility in a single view.


Heatmaps are ideal for gaining more insights into retail, healthcare, schools and other educational facilities, public venues, hospitality locales, public transport, or federal government premises. The tool provides enhanced awareness of customer behavior, dwell times and congestions, transportation flows, suspicious activities, and more.

Reduce bandwidth and get high-quality video

Ava Smart Path minimises bandwidth consumption and keeps video local using unique and innovative technology such as WebRTC intelligent routing and AI-based bandwidth and storage optimization, alleviating a key customer concern.

A complete security ecosystem at your fingertips


Detect threats and anomalies in real time with AI-powered security


Get started quickly and manage seamlessly


Search faster and more accurately


Optimise operations with insights


Integrate with the tools and systems that you use every day


Stay protected from cyberattacks and updated through the cloud at all times


Get analytics from all your cameras, all the time, instantly


Deploy Ava Cloud Cameras with integrated analytics and onboard storage


Enjoy secure web and app access from anywhere in the world


Reduce bandwidth usage and get high-quality video surveillance