Performance tune your defences against security breaches with our Pen Testing services

BluescreenIT have worked closely with the National Crime Agency to support the rehabilitation of young ex hackers. These programmes have given us a competitive advantage of gaining an insight, the tools and tactics used by ex-hackers against organisations like yours to break into your network. Using manual and automated testing methods, we take advantage of combining our own custom tools with those rank highly in industry to provide you with an array of penetration tests available to you. The end result, is all our services focus on the role of a malicious attacker/s operating individually or as part of a red team internally or externally of your operation to simulate the activities real cyber criminals we know would take and the effectiveness of your security systems.


Organisations who have already hardened their cyber defences through our regular Vulnerability Assessment services, often seek to further understand their exposure to unauthorised access through our "ethical digital and physical hacking" services. Our Penetration testing services can take your security to the next level by demonstrating the level of effectiveness of your IT security defences to assure the board of the need to invest into their security.

Types of Tests we can undertake for you


External Test Penetration Test

Find out whether your Internet-facing IT infrastructure (e.g. websites, email servers, VPN, etc.) is vulnerable to attacks and what the vulnerabilities are.


Internal Test

How far could a disgruntled employee or trusted third-party get within your system, could they steal your trade secrets or create un repairable damage to your internal network?


Mobile App Test

How safe is your sensitive data from your mobile applications?


Web App Test

Understand your vulnerabilities in across your web applications?


Physical Social Engineering Test

How effective is your security against a highly efficient individual targeting you to gain access to your offices or buildings to steal important intellectual property, deploy malicious software, steal customer information or pinch your secret recipes?

Service Benefits


Identify any risks that could impact normal busniness activity

Check whether your IT security controls are functioning effectively against a real attack

Proactively close the security gaps to prevent future attacks

Identify vulnerabilities that could cause brand and reputation damage

Prepare and train your IT staff against real incidents