BluescreenIT awarded ISAME Gold Certification

BluescreenIT have been awarded the ISAME Gold Certification and recognises our companies governance processes and procedures covered by the IASME Governance standard. IASME Governance Audited (sometimes known as IASME Gold) audits the level of information security provided by your organisation to a similar level of assurance to the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard.

"This is a fundamental step towards providing assurances to our customers in the products and service we deliver. Well done to all of our team for this fantastic achievement" Ben Franklin, BluescreenIT Chief Technology Officer.

The IASME governance standard maps closely to a number of widely recognised cyber security and assurance standards and guides. This means it can be used to demonstrate compliance to many of these standards.

For the majority of topics, the IASME Governance standard meets or exceeds the requirements of the NHS Digital Data Security Standards. In some areas an action, process or tool that is specific to the NHS is referenced by the standard which does not map directly to the IASME Governance standard.

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