Don’t get hacked by Phishing attacks, find out which of your users are vulnerable now.

Phishing is the #1 threat action used in social engineering attacks. Find out how many of your users are vulnerable to Phishing attacks with the free Phishing test tool from our partner KnowBe4.

Once your staff are aware how susceptible they are to social engineering, and believe us, even the most alert are caught up in our simulations, they will spot and prevent a phishing attack.

Your staff are your greatest asset for excelling in cyber security.

Hackers have realised it’s easier to find someone who may be willing in a moment of weakness to open an attachment containing malicious content than to exploit technical vulnerabilities within computer software, according to Symantec. So, when it comes to combatting these growing risks, most companies continue to place more trust in technology-based solutions than on training their employees to be more aware of the threat landscape and able to recognize the red flags in cyber breach attempts.

KnowBe4 delivers an interactive, feedback loop of knowledge around cybersecurity within your organisation which includes sending out automated Phishing campaigns, telling users when they have been ‘caught’ and delivering automatic bite-size training to help them spot a phish.

The training is short, engaging and also covers topics around cyber security that are appropriate to their everyday life and computer use in general. The organisation-wide general knowledge around cyber security is given a huge uplift with the lightest touch from your IT department.

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BIT Security implement’s KnowBe4 across the UK. Book a free simulated phishing campaign with us to unlock your human firewall and level up your organization’s cyber defense,

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