The CyberHub Trust has appointed BluescreenIT as a Primary Service Provider

The CyberHub Trust appointed Bluescreen IT Ltd. as the initial CyberHub Service Provider. Providing training and Cyber Security services to colleges in London, as well as Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

Using BluescreenIT significant experience in the field and their relationship with Law Enforcement and government bodies.

The CyberHub Business Model requires expert and specialist cyber security services, which are provided by appropriately vetted Service Providers. They are recommended by the Trust and legally contracted by colleges to provide the agreed cyber security services (all, or specified pillars of The Model – Training, Apprenticeships, Employer Services or Community Outreach).

Service Providers manage the Secure Operations Centres.

They partner with educators – and oversee cyber security training and education, as well as provide shadowing and training opportunities for apprentices.

Importantly, they also manage the commercial aspect whereby CyberHubs provide local employers with cyber security and cyber testing services. This element allows colleges to generate an income from the CyberHubs. It also allows the Trust to derive some of its administrative funding from the income generated by these 'Employer Services'.

Find out more about The CyberHub Trust and the opening of their first SOC.

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