What is the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

The Government Cyber Essentials Scheme helps organisations of all sizes to secure themselves against the most common threats from the internet. Achieving the Cyber Essentials certified highlights that you take cyber security seriously to your customers and your organisation can be trusted with their data and information.

What does the Cyber Essentials Scheme cover in the assessment?

The scheme covers five main technical controls which are:

  • Securing your Internet connection (firewalls and routers)

  • Securing your devices and software (secure configuration)

  • Control access to your data and services (access control)

  • Protection against viruses and other malware (malware protection)

  • Keeping your devices and software up to date (software updates)

What needs to be achieved?

Cyber Essentials is the first level and is based on companies self assessing their security capabilities and then independently being verified.

  • You complete a questionnaire made up of eight sections and a total of 70 questions.

  • You must answer all the questions.  

  • Your answers must be approved by a Board level representative before submitting, signing a declaration that all the answers are correct.

Added Value

  • The process of preparing for the Cyber Essentials questionnaire is a useful tool to increase awareness and change behaviour to your approach to cyber security. 

  • Supports organisations looking to qualify for a Government contract or to reassure their customers, so seek to demonstrate their cyber security commitment in a highly visible way via this recognised Government approved scheme.

If you need some help with the questions and controls, we can assist with advice and practical help to achieve this certification.

Call the team on 01752 724000 or email at sales@bluescreenIT.co.uk

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