Security Operations Centre

We monitor for suspicious and malicious activity within your IT network and alert you to potential security breaches

A major challenge to many organisations is having the in-house capabilities and resources to detect, investigate and respond to security breaches quickly and efficiently. Not being able to identity a security breach early can be the difference between a minor incident turning into a catastrophic incident.

Top of the range Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) systems are expensive and need specialist skills to deploy and manage. This is why Managed Detection & Response services are now often used to augment I.T teams with the skills and resources required to detect and respond to the latest threats. 

However, unless you have a healthy security budget, these services can be out of reach for most organisations.

From our dedicated Security Operations Centre, our security professionals will identify and respond to security breaches in your entire IT environment, and work with you to establish the root cause and remediate the threat, without the high level costs.

Service Benefits


Rapid 24x7x365 response to critical security alerts

Detect, investigate and report data breaches

Proactive detection of the latest and emerging threats

No need to invest into in-house capabilities

Prove compliance to GDPR and other standards

Service Features


Full Deployment and Management

- Industry leading SIEM technology

- Experienced and qualified installation engineers

- Complete management of patches and updates


Regular Network Vulnerability Scanning 

- Identify vulnerabilities in your software & network devices

- Advice and guidance on remediation of identified vulnerabilities 

- Customisable schedule of scanning activities


Threat Monitoring and Investigation 

- Only be notified on genuine potential threats

- Alerts get filtered through up to 3 tiers of security analysis

- Advice and guidance on remediation of identified security alerts

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