We use assessment tools to identify and analyse vulnerabilities in your IT systems, websites and web applications.

BluescreenIT Security Services provide vulnerability assessments scanning services, bespoke to fit any sized organisations throughout the South West and UK. Clients often use this service as their first port of call to clarify their security stance and understand their weaknesses before adopting more evasive penetration testing services to understand how far attackers could go in your network once they find and exploit a vulnerability.

To keep our costs competitive, we deliver our vulnerability assessment services remotely to enable you to reduce costly set up charges often associated with supporting multiple site location networks and travel. We can however, where remote access cannot be undertaken or a physical site visit is required to appease your specific requirements, we can offer you either arrangement to support your needs.

How far do we go?

Our vulnerability scans test your network up to the point of red flagging your vulnerable network access points. We go no further, unlike our penetration testing, critically we identify the critical vulnerable areas which if left, malicious hackers could use to enter your network, leading to the exploitation of your most valuable assets in your network.



Our network vulnerability assessment helps network administrators or network security staff to assess the security strength of a particular network. The key objective of this assessment is to find any vulnerabilities that can compromise the overall security, privacy and operations of IT systems to ensure  confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Once completed, the assessment recommends a strategy of action to mitigate and resolve the identified vulnerabilities.

Our website vulnerability assessments are a useful method to get an overall picture of an organisations website security instead of engaging in an exhaustive (and expensive) penetration test. BIT Security’s Website VA’s are a great way of finding common web application vulnerabilities that attackers often exploit.

Once completed, the assessment recommends a strategy of action to mitigate and resolve the identified vulnerabilities.

Service Benefits


Gain assurance for you and your customers that IT systems are secure


Identify security weaknesses before attackers do


Our cyber security analysts are trained professionals with years of assessment scanning experience


Fix your security project costs, transparent all-inclusive price that fits into the most demanding IT budgets

Service Features


An executive summary, flagging the different levels of critical vulnerabilities, data cyber risks, and our business recommendations to improve your security posture


A technical report that includes our findings and suggested recommendations for remediation and mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities

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